How to choose the correct ring size

You have been waiting for the big day when you would be proposing to your girlfriend. You have memorized Shakespeare’s Sonnet 114. You have even picked out your best clothes, bought new cologne and even polished your shoes. More importantly, you have the perfect ring to give to your perfect girlfriend on a perfectly planned evening. Unfortunately, the evening did not turn out as perfectly as you had hoped. The party pooper turned out to be you, after all. You gave her an engagement ring one size too big!

There has been one too many occasions where giving rings as a gift to a loved one especially on anniversaries and such was the least picked among other choices. It would be embarrassing, not to mention disappointing to both the giver and the receiver, to present an ill-fitting gift. So before purchasing a ring where trying it on is not an option at the moment, either as a gift or an online purchase, there are tips that we can consider to make certain that we are picking the right size.

Measuring Your Ring Size

As there is no universal standard for measuring ring sizes, we can make do with homemade devices and actually use our creativity to come up with measuring devices. Taking a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger until the whole circumference is covered and then measure its length with a ruler or measuring tape. Some have claimed that this elementary method actually works! In fact, further research on the topic shows that quite a number of online jewelry stores use this method since it is the easiest to follow, and buyers choose it as the most approachable method. We need not worry how jewelry stores would figure out the circumference of your ring size after you have measured its length because there are conversion tables available. In fact, there are online conversion sites for ring sizes that are user-friendly. If you are planning to buy your ring in jewelry stores and malls, there are ring sizers that you can try on before you choose your perfect ring.

Also, if the ring is a gift, we can consider asking someone’s help in “borrowing” the person’s, for whom the ring is intended, other rings so the jeweler can compare the size and get the perfect fit.

Best Time to Measure It

One other thing we should remember when measuring our ring size is that we have to size it up when the day is almost over since this is the time that our fingers are at their largest.

Measuring cold fingers could give you an inaccurate reading since our fingers are at their smallest when they are cold.

There are, of course, more accurate means of measuring one’s ring size, and only a personal visit to the jeweler can determine that. Unlike us amateur ring sizers, the jeweler, likewise, takes note of the thickness of the band, the size of the openings under a gemstone, slim bony fingers, and the like.

In the end, if we cannot personally visit our favorite jeweler, we can always exchange it for a more fitting size.

You can download free ring sizer here.

  • Print and cut out ring sizer. Cut small slit that is marked with an arrow.
  • Place ring sizer comfortably around finger by slipping pointed end through the slit, numbers facing out.
  • Secure the ring sizer by pulling the pointed end snuggly around your finger like a belt, tight but can still move it around. Be sure it’s not too tight or too loose.
  • Your approximate ring size should be the number that appears where it says “Read Size Here”